Trout Fishing Instruction

Trout Fishing Instruction
For beginners, we recommend our half day 'Learn to Fly Fish' experience to start. This covers safety, fly fishing tackle, an introduction to fly casting, how to hook and play fish. It also includes some 'fishing time' - a chance to catch your first trout. It is designed to be an informative and fun introduction for novices.

This can be followed up with further casting tuition or trout fishing excursions designed to introduce new tactics and gain experience, while enjoying beautiful and varied landscapes. We usually offer initial instruction at local fisheries stocked with rainbow trout, but we quickly progress to wild brown trout waters.

For anglers who already have a basic proficiency in casting, who want to widen their fishing skills, we can teach new tactics e.g. you may have good experience of rainbow trout fishing and now want to learn 'loch style' boat fishing, or dry fly river fishing for wild brown trout.

Over the years, our custom 'Learn to Fly Fish' short breaks have proved the most popular way for our guests to start their fly fishing journey. We would ideally recommend at least 3 days to provide a good grounding in the basic skills, but we can also achieve a lot in 2 days, e.g. over a weekend.

Highlights from a 'Learn to Fly Fish' break for 3 complete novices back in 2013. This video was filmed while teaching over 3 days (yes, multi-tasking!) and shows their progress as they learn to cast, fish nymphs and dry flies for rainbow trout, and then wet flies for wild brownies. Fantastic pupils and great fun!