Salmon Fishing Instruction

Salmon Fishing Instruction

Our salmon fishing instruction usually takes place on the river; most commonly on the River Alness, Shin or Conon.

It is generally easier (and faster) to learn a basic cast with a double-handed salmon rod than with a single handed trout rod, though of course it still takes a lot of time and practice to master these casts. For beginners we start with the ‘roll’ cast aiming to progress quickly to a ‘single Spey’ cast.

For novices seeking their first taste of salmon fishing we recommend a full day as an introduction, which provides suffricient time to combine casting instruction with a chance to catch your first salmon.

Instruction need not be limited to basic casting, and for 'intermediate' salmon fishers we can also teach additional methods of casting e.g. double Spey, snap-T and snake roll, different tactics and 'rivercraft'.

Customised short breaks are undoubtedly the most flexible in terms of timing, but also offer the most efficient way of getting a grounding in many aspects of salmon fishing in the shortest overall time.

As a dedicated fishing break, we would recommend at least 2 to 3 days of fishing, but please bear in mind, there is no salmon fishing allowed in Scotland on Sundays.

This video showcases the story of one young lady's journey to catch her first salmon... Please view in full HD if you can.