Pike Fishing

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Loch Ussie

Within a 20 to 45 minute drive to the West of our base in Evanton, lie Loch Ussie and the many lochs of the River Conon system including Loch Achonachie, Loch Luichart, Loch Achanalt, Loch Garve and Loch Glascarnoch. All of these lochs contain pike, and can generally be fished for just a few pounds per day with permits available through local outlets or estate offices. For 2009 we have exclusive access to fish Loch Ussie by boat, though for this season this will mean guided fishing only as there are currently no suitable mooring facilities.

Loch Achanalt

Some of these lochs are surprisingly shallow, and are ideally suited for fly fishing with floating or slow-sinking lines, as well as spinning with plugs, spoons and spinners.

Single-handed AFTM #8 or #9-weight rods are preferred if you want to cast large flies with wire traces or tippet, but you can also have good sport on 7-weight rods with smaller, lighter lures and braid traces.

In addition to pike, some of these lochs also hold large perch. They too will take the fly readily, both nymphs and small fish/fry patterns. If you can locate a shoal, it’s possible to catch a number very quickly. The commotion will often attract pike, so it’s a good idea to use a trace anyway.

It’s possible to fish for pike and perch all year round in Scotland, but these lochs are liable to icing over in the winter and in January and February in particular. Deadbaiting is really the only option until spring when the pike start to get active, and the best months for fly and spinning are from mid-May through to November.

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