06 February 2009
New Look TroutQuest Website

Welcome to the new look TroutQuest website. This new site is a significant upgrade from our old site. It should be simpler to use and has more content, particularly images. We have illustrated what we do, throughout the site with more images, and added more photos of our fishing venues - nearly all of which have a larger image linked to them just a ‘click’ away. We’ve added a new ’Guest Zone’ which includes photo galleries from previous seasons, and there is an expanded section on accommodation - ‘Where to Stay’ – that should grow with time to offer a comprehensive range of options.

Site Navigation
The menu system is different from the old site. Just one thing to point out is that when you ‘hover’ your cursor over the main menu options, ‘fly out’ sub-menus will appear. Both the main menu option and the sub-menu options can be selected, linking to different pages. Selecting the main items on the menu bar to the left will give you an overview, or background information relating to that section. Selecting the options on the 'fly out' sub-menus will provide more specific information.

If you experience problems selecting the 'fly out' sub-menus we recommend that you upgrade your web browser to the latest release.

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