Guest Videos

Guest Videos from our TroutQuestTV & SalmonQuestTV Channels

In 2012, we started to take a few video clips of our guests and fishing venues, later posting them onto two YouTube TV channels. We are continuing to add more videos, so check back here occasionally during the season, or better still, subscribe to the channels.

Click on the TroutQuestTV and SalmonQuestTV buttons below to go to the channels, or on the links in the tables to go directly to those specific videos. Each video will open in a new tab. All videos are in HD and best viewed in full screen at 1080p HD.





Location Description Angler(s) Date Length
River Beauly "Fools Gold" Stewart Collingswood May 2017 2 min 42 sec
Brahan Lochan Beginners' Action various 2016 4 min 59 sec
Tomich Lochs Damsels on Gretal Nick Jacobs June 2016 2 min 42 sec
Tomich Lochs Dries in the Wet Jim & Caroline Henderson Sept 2015 5 min 18 sec
Loch Eye John Campbell's 4 pounder John Campbell Sept 2014 1 min 03 sec
Loch Veyatie Mayfly on Veyatie Philip Sharnock & Simon Jeffreys June 2014 4 min 59 sec
Loch Eye Rapid Eye Movement Fin Wilson, Euan Myles, Davie Shearer, Stewart Collingswood & Nick Jacobs June 2013 4 min 15 sec
Dornoch Lochans/ Loch Laiogh Girls Just Want To Have Fun Marjorie Lang, Kim Mercer, Utti Whittaker June 2013 9 min 39 sec
Loch Eye Alder Flies on Eye Philip Sharnock & RD May 2013 2 min 59 sec
Loch Eye Two Brownies from Loch Eye Philip Sharnock & RD May 2013 2 min 35 sec
River Alness Trout Fishing on the River Alness Nick Munro Ferguson May 2013 4 min 01 sec

Stoneyfield/ River Alness

Geraint & Gareth Go Fly Fishing Geraint & Gareth Vincent May 2013 4 min 41 sec
Loch Eye Across the Pond 'JD' Norris Aug 2012 1 min 44 sec
Stoneyfield Two 1st Trout Sara & Emlyn Roberts June 2012 2 min 30 sec
Loch Park Sedges Around the Edges Nick Jacobs & RD May 2012 4 min 50 sec





Location Description Angler Date Length
River Alness What Happened Next? Alastair Gibson Oct 2017 3 min 26 sec
River Conon A Spring salmon from Brahan Pete Murray May 2017 3 min 08 sec
River Conon A Spring salmon from Upper Fairburn Mike Roberts Apr 2017 2 min 23 sec
River Conon Coul and the Gang David Flux family & friends Jul 2015/16 10 min 59 sec
River Moriston Spring Salmon on the River Moriston Charlie Taylor May 2016 4 min 21 sec
River Conon A 1st Salmon from the River Conon 'En-en' Flux Jul 2015 3 min 26 sec
River Alness A 1st Salmon from the Stones pool Ben Dean Aug 2014 3 min 13 sec
River Moriston Spring Salmon on the Moriston Alastair Gibson, Chris Brotherton, Charlie Taylor, Richard Waters, Robin Gedye May 2014 17 min 18 sec
River Alness A 1st Salmon from the Ash pool Søren Pedersen Aug 2013 1 min 23 sec
River Moriston Who Knows Where the Time Goes? Keith Neal May 2013 3 min 10 sec
River Moriston If At First You Don't Succeed...! Alastair Gibson April 2013 3 min 26 sec
River Alness A First Salmon from the March pool Amanda Makgill-Crichton Sept 2012 3 min 22 sec
River Alness 1st & 2nd Salmon Jörg Miklitza Aug 2012 3 min 45 sec
River Alness A Salmon from U. Raven's Rock Roger Dowsett July 2012 3 min 37 sec
River Alness A 1st Salmon from Raven's Rock Josey Packard Sept 2011 2 min 32 sec


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