North Coast 500 Fishing

If you are planning a North Coast 500 road trip and want to combine some fly fishing with sightseeing, you are in for a treat. The NC500 route passes over dozens of salmon rivers, and through some of the best wild brown trout fishing country in Europe.

Most of the best trout fishing areas are described in our trout fishing section, and a few of our local rivers are described in the salmon fishing pages. We are also pleased to provide below, a visitor's guide to trout fishing on the NC500 as a download in PDF format. For your convenience there are clockwise and anti-clockwise versions to suit your direction of travel. Our intention is that these are living documents that will be updated from time to time.


troutquest map of salmon & trout and salmon fishing in the nc500

Trout & Salmon Fishing on the North Coast 500


TroutQuest Guide to Trout Fishing on the NC500

troutquest guide to trout fishing on the nc500 troutquest guide to trout fishing on the nc500
Download Clockwise Version Download Anti-clockwise Version
Version 1.2 PDF format 1.6MB Version 1.2 PDF format 1.6MB


North Coast 500 Fishing Excursions

We'll be adding some guided fly fishing excursions specifically for 'North Coasters' shortly, but if you want to book something now, please get in touch.