Casting & Fly Fishing Instruction

gaic badgeRoger Dowsett is a professional game angling instructor and holds the Game Angling Instructor Certificate (GAIC) for both trout & salmon fishing.

These certificates are awarded by the Game Angling Instructor Association (GAIA) to candidates who are able to demonstrate their proficiency to instruct game anglers and prospective game anglers of all ages and abilities. This accreditation ensures a good overall knowledge of the life cycles and behaviour of all salmonids, casting theory and practice, tackle and tactics, entomology, angling safety and angling law.


Trout Fishing Instruction

Fly fishing instruction for trout can be provided in many forms: from an individual lesson either as an introduction to fly fishing or to improve a particular aspect of casting; as a series of lessons, perhaps forming part of a custom 'learn to fly fish' short break; or as a formal course.

Casting lessons for individuals or small groups are usually provided on our private stocked lochan, but we can also teach on some of our local trout waters. Casting lessons usually last from 1 to 4 hours, but for complete beginners, to start we would recommend our half day 'Introduction to Fly Fishing' lesson. This covers safety, tackle, an introduction to the roll and overhead casts, and also includes some 'fishing time' - a chance to catch your first trout. It is a memorable introductory experience for novices.

troutquest trout fly fishing instruction, evanton, ross-shire
Occasionally, we run 'Learn to Fly Fish' weekend courses during the spring and early summer for those wanting to take a short break to learn to fly fish as part of a group, but the dates are restrictive, and for this reason, we generally find custom short breaks more convenient.

Trout fishing instruction is not limited to casting. For those already proficient in casting, who want to widen their fishing skills we can provide instruction in different tactics e.g. you may have good experience of rainbow trout fishing and now want to learn 'loch style' boat fishing or dry fly river fishing for wild brown trout.

troutquest trout fly fishing instruction and 'learn to fly fish' courses, evanton, ross-shire

'Learn to Fly Fish' Short Breaks
Our custom 'Learn to Fly Fish' short breaks offer the most flexibility in terms of a holiday dedicated to a trout fishing introduction, as we will try to fit them to dates that suit you, rather than the other way around. Ideally we would usually recommend at least 3 days to provide a good grounding in the basic skills, but we can also achieve a lot in 2 days, e.g. over a weekend. Follow this link for more information on our 'Learn to Fly Fish' Short Breaks.

For all our tuition, we can provide all the fishing tackle required. For larger groups, where necessary and by prior arrangement, ghillies or additional qualified instructors can be brought in to assist.


Salmon Fishing Instruction

We offer a variety of ways to learn to fly fish for salmon, including individual lessons, occasional formal courses and custom short breaks.

Our salmon casting instruction usually takes place on the river; generally on, but not limited to, the River Alness. Sometimes we start things off with a short session on grass or on the lochan, particularly for bigger groups. It is much easier to learn a basic cast with a double-handed salmon rod than a single handed trout rod, though of course it still takes a lot of time and practice to master these casts. For beginners we start with the overhead and roll casts, but we also teach the jump roll, single Spey, double Spey and snake roll casts.

For novices seeking their first taste of salmon fishing we generally recommend a full day as an introduction, which provides an enjoyable day out with a chance to catch your first salmon.

Occasionally, we offer 'Learn to Salmon Fish' courses of 4 days in length. The majority of time spent is in learning salmon casting and fishing on the river, but there are also some 'classroom' sessions on aspects of salmon fishing including the salmon life cycle, salmon behaviour and tactics etc.

As with trout fishing, instruction need not be limited to basic casting, and for 'intermediate' salmon fishers we can also teach additional forms of casting, different tactics and 'rivercraft'.

troutquest salmon fly fishing instruction, river alness, ross-shire

'Learn to Salmon Fish' Short Breaks
Customised short breaks are undoubtedly the most flexible in terms of timing, but also offer the most efficient way of getting a basic grounding in many aspects of salmon fishing in the shortest overall time. As a dedicated holiday for salmon instruction, ideally we would recommend at least 2 to 3 days of fishing, but these days can sometimes be spread out during a week  to allow you to enjoy other things that the Highlands have to offer. Follow this link for more information on our 'Learn to Salmon Fish' Short Breaks.

For all salmon fishing tuition, we can provide all the tackle required. For larger groups, where necessary and by prior arrangement, ghillies or additional qualified instructors can be brought in to assist.